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Official rules

& regulations

General Information

1. The Big 50/50 is open to the general public and subject to Provincial Laws and Regulations.

2. You must be at least 19 years old and tickets must be purchased within the province of New Brunswick.

3. Please check out our website for a list of participating Big 50/50 locations.

4. You must complete a one-time registration and provide contact information.

5. Upon registering, you will receive a unique number to be used to enter draws.

6. You may register for more than one unique number.

7. You can enter the weekly draw by paying $2 at a participating location prior to the day of the draw multiple weeks, up to 52 weeks can be purchased at any time. Pay in advance and you are guaranteed to be in every Big 50/50 draw!

$10 for 5 weeks

$20 for 10 weeks

$52 for 26 weeks

$104 for 52 weeks.

8. AII participating entrants must be registered and payment confirmed by one of the participating Big 50/50 locations on or before Monday at midnight to be eligible for the draw.

9. The Big 50/50 Weekly draws will take place at TD Station every Tuesday at 12PM.

1O. lf circumstances prevent the draw from occurring on time, the draw will take place at the next reasonable opportunity.

11. lf your number is drawn and you have played that week, you win HALF the Weekly Total Prize Pot.

12. lf the winning number of a draw belongs to an entrant that has not paid their weekly $2.00, the amount will be added to the next weekly draw.

13. Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided in the registration.

14. Arrangements will be made to either deliver the winning cheque or it can be picked up at TD Station – photo ID is required.

15. Winners will be contacted using the information they provide in their registration. It is your responsibility to ensure registration information remains current.

16. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Jackpot Prize Winner. Winnings unclaimed after 90 days may be placed in a special draw or added back to the Pot at the discretion of The Big 50/50 organizers.

17. By registering, you agree to have your name, ticket number and Jackpot Prize published should your number be drawn whether you played that week or not for advertising purposes.

18. Registrations may be cancelled by contacting info@seadogsfoundation.com or by writing:

The Big 50/50 – 99 Station St., Suite 200 Saint John, NB E2L 4X4.

19. Please keep your receipt – In the event of a disagreement in the Draw, precedence will be given to the original receipt issued by a Big 50/50 computer terminal.

20. Groups are not permitted to play in The Big 50/50.

21. No Refunds.

22. For more information about The Big 50/50, 50/50 Central or the Non-Profit Organizations associated with this contest, please visit our website www.the big5050SJ.com, or call (506) 847-7330.

23. Proceeds from The Big 50/50 support the following organizations:


• Saint John Sea Dogs Foundation

• Brighten Group

• Big Brothers Big Sisters

• Rotary Club of Rothesay Kings

• The Saint John Y’s Men’s Club

• Children’s Wish Foundation

• Rotary Club of Saint John, Inc.